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GLS End-to-End Supply Chain Equipment Management Solution
The GLS end-to-end process covers every need of any company’s equipment strategy. By implementing this process we increases asset utilization.


Customised Solutions – Dolley

  • Capable to be used with 125mm or 100mm castors.
  • Stacking location are standard for both castor sizes (dollie on dollie).
  • Sprung location devices to accommodate a variety of standard trays.
  • Extension flaps to accommodate attached lid security containers when in nested position.
  • Four hand-holes for easy manual lifting.
  • Handle location for pull handle.
  • Castor protection skirt.
  • Honeycomb construction for lightweight, high strength component.
  • Full compartment drainage.

Double-door Security Roll Cages

A full security nestable rolltainer with wardrobe style doors to front. Fitted with two fixed and two swivel 125mm sandwich castors. Bright zinc plate finish. Size: 770 x 900 x 1 890mm o/h


Funrnibox south africa

Customised solution – furnibox

Half Hyper Cage

Customised solution – half hyper cage

High Security Roll Cages

Size: 735mm x 850mm x 1690mm o/h. (1425mm internal height). 25mm x 25mm mesh, solid base/floor, handle to front gate, with shelf. Full security nestable rolltainer. Fitted with two fixed and two swivel (one braked) 125mm sandwich castors. Bright zinc plate finish.

Hyper Cage

We currently have two hyper cage models available, these units are standardised with a two piece lid:

  • Standard hyper cage. Dimensions: 1 000 x 1 200 x 1 000mm
  • Taller hyper cage. Dimensions: 1 000 x 1 200 x 1 175mm

Insulated Cooler Box

Insulated cooler boxes

Modular Foldable Crate Solution

Based on standard Asian ECR pallet size of 1 200 x 1 000 | GLS products

Plastic Shelf and Floor

Customised solution – plastic shelf and floor

Retention Unit

Customised solution – retention unit

Standard Security Roll Cages

Standard security rolltainer 4mm Size: 735x850x1690mm o/h 1425mm i/h Reinforced design security nestable ‘A’ frame units with 50 x 3.8mm mesh infill to sides and lid. Integral shelf set 970mm above the base. Fitted with two fixed and two swivel (one braked) sandwich 125mm castors. Bright zinc plate finish.

Standard Two Sided Roll Cages

The two sided rolltainer is available in various designs and dimensions:

Two sided unit fitted with, two fixed and two swivel sandwich castors. Bright zinc plate finish. Size: 759 x 800 x 1 890mm o/h

Two sided ‘A’ frame nestable rolltainer, having facility to take a shelf if required. Fitted with two fixed, one swivel and one swivel braked 125mm sandwich castors. Bright zinc plate finish. Size: 735 x 850 x 1 690mm o/h 1 425mm i/h

Size: 720 x 750 x 1770mm o/h. Shelf set at 790mm from the top of the cage. Two sided nestable rolltainer with an integral mid height shelf with rubber buffer to reduce vibration noise when in use. Shelf to attach to side frame when not in use by means of metal clasp. Base fitted with 2 swivel heavy duty 100 x 36mm sandwich wheels & 2 fixed heavy duty 125 x 38mm sandwich wheels. Unit to be fitted with noise reducing plastic parts. Bright zinc plate finish, Tare weight 32.5kg.

GLS products

Strap Lids

Customised solutions – strap lids

Three Sided Roll Cage

Three sided ‘A’ frame nestable rolltainer with integral mid height shelf. Fitted with two fixed and two swivel braked low temperature sandwich wheels. Size: 830 x 730 x 1 945mm overall height, 1 720mm internal height.

Tote Boxes

This packaging medium is secure and nestable. The tote box has a 35kg loading capacity and holds a volume of 68 litres. This container weighs 3.5kg and consists of a PP material, that is recyclable.

  • Patented hinge design for superior security and ease of cleaning.
  • Two locking holes for security seals ensures container cannot be opened without detection.
  • Special designed tamper evidence clip with security number for safety.
  • Stylish handle design makes container comfortable to hold and easy to move.
  • Protruding stands on lid for stable stacking.
  • Easily accessible, highly visible, protected label displays.
  • Molded striped band to upper edge of container avoids the squeeze of conveyor systems.
  • Superior self-draining lid design ensures moisture cannot penetrate container.
  • Lid can withstand significant impacts and loading.

600mm (l) x 400mm (w) x 365mm (h)

Smaller units upon request.

Various Shelf Ready Solutions

We have various shelf ready solutions.