GLS End-to-End Process

GLS End-to-End Supply Chain Equipment Management Solution

The GLS end-to-end process covers every need of any company’s equipment strategy. By implementing this process we increases asset utilization.

GLS end-to-end process


We identify uniquely tailored equipment solutions with our customers, and supply the solution based on different potential models. Customers can choose to buy or rent the equipment, or request a hybrid model. We take pride in supplying a good quality products to do deliver the promised value.


We have adopted a vested outsource model to manage the physical movement of equipment through agreed parts of the supply chain network, and ensure safe handling of assets. This also includes looking after the assets, doing continuous maintenance and ensuring that equipment is issued in a good, clean and workable condition. All operational movements are captured on G-track to provide systematic support to the physical movements.


We use captured data, as well as data from the customer’s ERP, in order to manage the balances of equipment throughout the supply chain network. This means we can peruse transactions, discrepancies and balances in detail. Allowing us to do immediate daily demand planning and forecasted pool based demand planning. Ensuring there is always sufficient equipment in pool to avoid disruptions.


Our systems are set up to identify process deviations, allocate risk rating and propose mitigation. We are always strive for continuous improvement, recognising the need for change; we assess the potential improvements, design the change, implement according to plan, manage the change and at the end and evaluate the outcome. Learning from this, we restart the process.


We supply daily and weekly reports to ensure clear visibility of the supply chain network and its logistics management. We provide monthly billing based on an agreed model, for either owned equipment issued to vendors or stores, or rental equipment.

GLS end-to-end process